Free Roses Abstract Needlepoint Design

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Evelyn and yellow David Austen roses

Roses have pretty much stalked my life. This is not a bad thing since they are my favorite flower.

First there was my dad, a teller of tall tales. He had everyone convinced that a fenced-in corner of our backyard had a lovely rose garden. The only ones really there were the climbing one over the entry trellis and the three hybrid teas outside the fence.

Second was my MIL (mother-in-law) who loved roses but lived with wilderness on three sides of her house. Still she coaxed her roses to perfect blooms. Except for the deer. She would watch and wait for the perfect morning of plump jut-about-to-bloom. Apparently so did the deer, and they would bite the buds off the night before she was ready to pick them.

So when I started a garden what did I grow? Roses, most specifically David Austen English roses. We ended up with about 50. So many once my kids cut me over 100 blooms for Mother’s Day. I’m starting the collection anew here on the shores of the Bay.

But until I get more, I have to be content with the needlepointed variety. That’s why I’m so delighted with this elegant abstract rose design from Happy Threads. Not only is it excessive in that wonderful super abundance of roses, it is a two-color rose, another favorite type.

So gather your stitched roses this May.


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