Give an App for Christmas

Do you (or a stitcher you know) have an eReader or a smartphone?

Why not give them an app or an ebook as a gift?

Ruth Schmuff’s Stitches CDs are available a iPhone and iPad apps, along with the original CDs (reviewed here) and the printed books (reviewed here). She has a great how to post on giving an app as a gift. Ruth’s books are only available on Apple products.

SuZy Murphy’s books, SuZy’s Portable Stitches & Portable Stitches II, are available in smartphone version for both the iPhone and the Droid. For iPhone users you can buy this through the Apple Store. You can read my review of the printed book here.

On the popular Kindle, you can find Jo Ippolito Christnsen’s classic The Needlepoint Book as well as my Needlepoint Trade Secrets, Summer Truswell’s book, and a short book on stitching a high-end needlepoint kit. The limitations of eReaders to show graphs and charts clearly will, as I am finding out, slow down the growth of these books. But in the Kindle store there are also many public domain needlework books. There are also some charted needlepoint projects.

Some of Sandra Arthur’s Shapes of Needlepoint books are available for Apple products as is Stitch Landscape.

But what if you don’t have an eReader?

Many designers now make projects and books available to you directly as PDF files. You can read these on your computer or print them out. Along with my own books, you can also get lovely Bargello patterns from Liz Morrow and Althea DeBrule, as well as CyberPointers wonderful book of quilt-inspired needlepoint ornaments.

Now it’s even easier to take your needlepoint with you!

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