Great Finishing Idea — Log Cabin Pillows

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log cabin quilt block from block crazy

Log cabins in various forms are one of the most popular quilt patterns. I’ve used the often in my own design work, but I hadn’t thought of them as the basis for finishing.

Log cabin quilts are based on a central block, usually small, but it doesn’t have to be, with strips of fabric, increasing in length, swirling around it. Why not use a small piece of needlepoint as that central block.

We love to stitch smaller items and this way, if you have a fabric stash as well, you can choose your other fabrics from them.

Whip Up has a great post about making a Log Cabin pillow. The instructions are detailed and easy to modify for needlepoint.

The foundation block which inspires the piece isn’t a bit of fabric, it’s the needlepoint. Follow her instructions for picking fabrics, cutting the strips, and assembling the blocks.

I’d only add one thing, many fabrics are lighter than the needlepoint. If this is the case for you, stiffen them with iron-on interfacing before you cut the strips.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, this is a great finish.


  1. Kylea Fulton says

    Thanks for this! I was trying to come up with a plan to do just this; the interfacing tip was just what I needed.

    Do you think I should add a little border of plain stitching between my canvas work and the fabric borders? It a fairly solid geodesic piece.


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