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bargello needlepoint luggage tag, designed by Janet Perry

Want to try several hand-dyed threads in unusual colors, perfect for stitching?

Want to be sure you have enough of them to do more than a patch?

sassa lynne 3 thread mix hand-dyed perle cotton

Look no further than Sassa Lynne’s marvelous website and her Etsy shop. And especially look for her mixes. The 3 Thread mix with metallic perle is pictured above. It has in it a #5 perle, a #5 perle with metallic in it, and, I think, a #12 perle. They are all dyed in similar colors and will make a lovely piece, especially when mixed with some things from my stash.

A second mix, which has more kinds of thread (5 or 6 I think), was used as the background for the Bargello needlepoint luggage tag pictured at the top of the post. I used the #3 perle and the metallic here. I just love it and think it looks like the colors in hydrangea.

The thread packs are the best choice for embroiderers. They have three threads, perle #5, metallic perle, and coton a broider 16. They are available in 40 colorways, of simply stunning variety. Chose a color from the drop down menu to see the threads in that color. The colors are so wonderful, vibrant brights, subtle monochromatic combinations, and interesting color schemes, I’d buy one of every one if I could.

You can also order perle in 5 or 8 in huge skeins in a more limited color selection. In addition to the thread packs, there is another thread Viscose Rayon, no pictures of it though, which also works for embroidery,

On the Etsy shop, look for the multiple thread packs. All the items on Etsy are the results of “Serendipity,” happy accidents that won’t be repeated. These have either 3 or 5 threads in them and are selected to go together. Right now there is a stunning mix of ecrus that looks, to me at least, like vintage wedding dresses, I just love it.

Her skein sizes are generous (125m in a hank) and she is always innovating wonderful new hand-dyed threads and items.

You’ve got to try this great thread!


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