Halloween Crzy Pl8 Update

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halloween needlepoint license plate from Sandy Gross-man-Morris

The main project I’ve been working on of late is my Halloween Crzy Pl8 from Sandy Grossman-Morris. And I’m delighted with the progress.

So I thought I’d share it with you. I’ve put in a bit more of the sky in T Stitch using blue Kreinik flourescent. The tree is stitched in Basketweave and Reverse Basketweave using Water n’Ice. I wanted the bat to look velvety and so the one which is complete is stitched in Basketweave using Petite Very Velvet. The gray outline of the mountains is stitched in Diagonal Mosaic using gray silk. Finally I’ve started to add the crosses to the Criss-cross Hungarian, so that will glow in the dark as well.

Today I’m going to do enough sky to add the state name, do that and work on adding the crosses to the orange. After that I’m going to finish the orange and the sky, do the other bat.

You might notice that I’m avoiding the letters. This is because I’m in a quandry about them. I know that I will outline them using Whipped Backstitch and a white glow-in-the-dark thread, so they will stand out. But my problem is what thread to us.

Do I use Water n’Ice, which is what I pulled or do I go with something more matte? I’m leaning that way because I want the outline to stand out even when the plate isn’t in the dark. And I think Water n’Ice will distract and it will also take attention away from the tree, which I like as the focal point.

What do you think?


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