Holiday Ribbons – Free Needlepoint Stocking – Part 1

holiday ribbons free needlepoint stitch sampler designed and stitch by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

This week’s free project is a delightful mantle size stocking that has five ribbons along the top.

Today we’ll go over how to create the outline and find you materials. Tomorrow we’ll discuss the three green ribbons. Thursday we’ll do the two gold ribbons and the background Thursday we’ll also cover how to outline the ribbons.

In order to trace the design, you will need a piece of canvas 10″ x 14″ The model is stitched on 18 mesh, but it could also easily be done on larger mesh sizes.

Using the mini-sock outline, enlarge the design to about 10″ high. Using the enlarged outline and a permanent marker made for marking on canvas,trace the outline onto the canvas.

Marking the Ribbons

Count across the top of the stocking to see how many threads wide it is. Divide this number by five. If it comes out evenly, that is the number of threads each ribbon should be.

If there is a remainder, here’s how to distribute it.

  • If the remainder is 1, put the extra thread in the center ribbon.
  • If the remainder is 2, put the extra threads in the second and fourth ribbons (gold ribbon on the model).
  • If the remainder is 3, put the extra threads in the first, third, and fifth ribbons (green ribbons in the model).
  • If the remainder is 4, put the extra threads in all except the center ribbon.

Write down the ribbon widths. Count on your canvas and mark the edges of the ribbons.

As you can see each ribbon is a different length. For each ribbon you can make the end a diagonal cut, or a swallowtail cut (upside-down V). Using your pen mark the ends of each ribbon.

Your ribbons do not have to look like mine.

Mount your canvas for stitching.


For this canvas you will need:

  • Silk or silk/wool blend for background, such as Silk & Ivory, Vineyard Silk or Planet Earth Silk
  • thick metallic in gold or silver
  • thin metallic to match thick metallic
  • overdye in ribbon color #1 (green here)
  • metallic in color #1
  • two solid threads in color #1
  • two solid threads in color#2 (gold here)
  • metallic or other shiny thread in color #2

In the model I usedSilk & Ivory, Cresta d’Oro, Kreinik #12, Kreinik #4, Sheep’s Silk, Watercolours, Neon Rays, Petite Very Velvet, and Frosty Rays.

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