How Do I Find a Guild Chapter near Me?


You’ve moved to a new house and you miss your old guild chapter. You’re wondering how to find a local group of stitchers.

Guild Chapters

Both ANG & EGA have pages on their sites with lists of local chapters. THat’s the best place to start. ANG lists chapters by state. EGA ues a ZIPcode-based search engine.

The amount of information for the chapters differs but there is generally a link or an email you can use to get more information.

But the response you will get can vary. Sometimes you hear nothing at all.

That’s when you need to use your own resources to find more information.

Here are some ways to find guild chapters as well as other local stitchers.

  1. Ask on the ANG list if a member of the chapter could get in touch with you off-list. I’ve brought four people into my chapter by people contacting me directly.
  2. Ask at local shops if they know when the chapter meets. Our chapter has one person who was store employee and at one time we had another who owned a store.
  3. Look in the local paper. I know the one in Napa posts information about our meetings.
  4. Call the local senior center. They might meet there or know about it. (We meet at a Senior Center ands have for more than 20 years.

Stitching in Shops

IF there is a shop near you, you should ask about stitching sessions. These may be called different things, and may even have a charge. They are always wonderful places to meet new stitchers, share projects, and get ideas and help.

Get on your shop’s mailing list. Ask about these when you visit. If they don’t have one, consider asking them about starting one. Many shops find that stitchers in groups buy more and more often.

Create your own Group

If you’re stuck, no chapter or shop, you might consider starting an informal group of your own. All it takes is a couple of people to meet at a specific time and place to stitch.

It could be a person’s home. It could be a local coffee shop or hangout. It could be the senior center or the library. Stitching together, even if everyone isn’t doing needlepoint, is so relaxing and fun. You share and learn from each other.

Be a rebel! Stitch in Public!

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