How to Chain Stitch

chain stitch sun

from Needlework Tips & Techniques

Chain Stitch, and its wrapped version, are wonderfully adaptable stitches for use in needlepoint. Here’s why:

  • It easily makes rounded, curved, or straight lines.
  • Most of the stitch is on the surface of the canvas so you can use thicker or more delicate threads.
  • It makes a thicker, bolder line than Backstitch can.
  • Wrapped or not, the line is always solid.

Useful as it is, many stitchers struggle with Chain Stitch. For us, as needlepointers, it’s because it isn’t really counted. Yes, each stitch should be even, but that may not mean they are all the same number of holes or threads.

Jenny Hart (the genius behind Sublime Stitching) has a wonderful illustrated blog post with instructions on how to do Chain Stitch. She learned this method from a student and it is very cool.

If you’ve struggled with Chain Stitch — try it!

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