How to Stitch Bargello

windsock bargello chart designed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Bargello line patterns like theses are easy to stitch.

Bargello is one of the easiest needlepoint stitches. It’s made up of straight stitches, usually over four threads. The pattern moves in steps with one or more stitches in each step.

Usually, though not always the steps are the same number of threads up or down.

It’s the number of stitches in a step and the direction of the steps that make a pattern.

NO matter how long the stitch is, a Bargello stitch is always the same.

To make one:

  • Bring your needle out of the canvas at the bottom point of the stitch.
  • Count up four threads.
  • Bring you need back into the canvas in that hole.

That’s it, you’ve made a Bargello stitch.

To make a step:

  • From the bottom or top of the current stitch count up or down the number of threads in the step, usually two.
  • Bring your needle out of the canvas.
  • This could be the top or bottom of the new stitch, depending on which it is count up or down four threads.
  • Bring the needle back into the canvas.

You’ve made a Bargello step. Knowing these two things, you can follow any Bargello line pattern to make great needlepoint.

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