Ideas for Embellishments

In a recent issue of a trade magazine, Gail Hendrix of Squigee Designs shared many fantastic ideas for adding embellishments to you needlework. I’d like to share them with you.

Faces: If you have some painting or drawing skill, why not use plain round shank buttons as the base for faces for your needlepoint. Find buttons the correct size and draw or paint the faces. With pens you’ll get much greater detail than you can get with thread.

Enlarge the center hole to get the button to be flat on the canvas. Learn how in this post.

Chains: It’s easy to find chains in many different weights you can buy by the inch. Think of using a real chain instead of a stitched one. They could be watch chains, hold together Dracula’s cloak, or decorate a pirate’s hat.

Bugle Beads: These don’t have to be flat against the canvas, get them to stand up by putting seed beads at the bottom and they make clever spikes or thorns.

Hats: Why not use a hat made for dolls instead of stitching the hat. It will become the focal point of your canvas. Expand the use of doll’s clothing to look for scarves, jewelry and bandanas. Attach with small stitches in a matching thread or by couching.

Flowers: Use already-made ribbon roses and other flowers as decorations. A bunch of roses added in a line can make a lovely lei or garland.

Trim & Rick-rack: Do you need fringe? if the color matches, get a length of upholstery trim at the fabric shop and attach it. You can also attach pompoms or tassels cut from trim. Rick-rack makes a great substitute for stitching a zig-zag.

Rings: Make a big bold ring the arresting focal point of a design, by using an assortment of beads in different sizes and shapes in related colors. Pile on the beads to give a feeling of sparkle and depth.

We’re just scratching the surface of ways you can use different kinds of embellishments and found objects for your needlepoint. To learn more, look at the posts about dollhouse items, brads, bows, charms, beading supplies, and sequins.


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