Inspire your Needlepoint with this Art Generating Tool

Create designs like this easily

Create designs like this easily

In the interests of helping you waste time and inspiring your needlepoint (though not directly) I bring you Silk. It’s an interactive art generator that has easy to use tolls that let you create wonderful designs that seem to be made of billowy silk or colored smoke.

Click on the link and the design screen shows up, a blank black canvas. Put your mouse somewhere and start to move it. A symmetrical design will appear.

On the left are options and controls. The dot in the line on the upper left is the controls button. With it you can pick colors. To do a color blend drag one color onto another, then you can start drawing with the blend.

Below that is a slider that allows you to create symmetry with different numbers of points. When you select these the points appear as dark gray dots.

You can save your images as well.

This is such a cool tool.

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