Introducing Stitches for Needlepoint Classes

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  • Have you been frustrated because you don’t feel confident in picking stitches to go with a thread?
  • Do you wish you had a notebook that you could use that showed you stitch variations, stitches in different threads and stitching effects?
  • Are you always wanting to try new stitches?

In this series of four Stitches for Needlepoint classes, you’ll learn all this and more. Each class is three months long and is designed for you to create notebooks of the stitches, threads and techniques you’re learning.

That’s it, no projects to finish, no information you don’t need and, best of all, because they are on-line classes you can learn when you have the time at your own pace.

Instead of giving you a bunch of stitches designed for specific kinds of items that may not be what you stitch, these classes will teach you stitches. Once you’ve looked at them, it will go on to look at these stitches in the context both of threads and of specific stitching effects.

At the end of each class you’ll know 25 new stitches and you’ll know them well because you will have stitched them. You’ll also have looked at how this stitch looks when you use a variety of threads for it. You’ll be creating a reference you’ll use again and again when planning your needlepoint projects.

So often stitching books make suggestions but they don’t show you what the effects look like in action. While you may know the stitch, you won’t really know how the effect works. Stitches for Needlepoint remedies this.

Each class will have the same basic format. In the first month you’ll learn about a basic stitch (Scotch, Gobelin, etc.) plus 12 variations of the stitch. In the second month you’ll learn 13 more stitches plus you’ll start to explore the variations and what beyond stitch variety they bring to the table. In the second lesson you’ll also start to look at the basic stitch and how it looks in different threads. In the final lesson we’ll discuss how to create more stitch variations, stitching effects and how to apply what you have learned to actual canvases.

Throughout it all, you’ll be encouraged to ask questions, show off your variations, and share ideas.

The classes will cover:

  • scotch stitch
  • stripes
  • backgrounds
  • stitches for buildings

Classes will begin on March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1, in 2013.

There are two options for enrolling in the classes. You can take each class individually for $25. Or you can sign up for all four classes at one time and take advantage of the 20% discount. The cost for all four is $80.

Enroll in just the Scotch Stitch Class:

Enroll in all four classes:

Use the buttons above to enroll today.


  1. barbara says

    I would love to sign up for all 4 classes, but I don’t see an enroll button on this page. Please help.

  2. Char Centilli says

    Dear Janet, I would like to enroll for the “backgrounds” class. The above doesn’t make it clear if this is only in March or Sept or what? How do I enroll for “Backgrounds”? PayPal, check, ?? Thanks

  3. says

    here are four classes in the series. Backgrounds is the third one and will begin Sept 1, 2013. Scotch Stitches is the first class in the series, starting March 1, 2013.

    Until that class starts you have two options for enrolling:

    –buying just the Scotch Stitch class for $25
    –buying the set of four classes for $80.

    Each of the other classes in the series will open for registration about 6 weeks before the class is set to begin.

    PayPal is my preferred method for payment, but I will accept checks.

    Keep Stitching,

  4. Julie Clark says

    What materials/fibers will I need for these classes? Will you send a materials list out a good bit ahead of time so that I can arrange to acquire them?

    Thanks so much. This is just what I need.


  5. says

    Because this is a notebook class and there is no project, the stitch samples you make are entirely for your own education and benefit. Therefore there is no material list.
    You use the mesh of canvas you want and the threads you want.

    One person might use scraps of canvas and leftover threads, doing each sample on a separate piece of canvas. Another might buy canvas and thread ti di many samples on one piece.

    Both of these and anything else you do is fine by me.

    Keep stitching,

  6. says

    There will be a mini-class in April a class on stitching alphabets. In the meantime, there are several articles here about stitching initials. You can find them all in this category,

    You might find the article on making an initial ornament,,the most helpful.

    I also have links to many free alphabet charts on Pinterest at: and on my reference site, All about Needlepoint at:

    Keep Stitching,

    You might find most helpful

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