It’s so Nice when the Prince Remembers

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It’s so Nice when the Price Remembers

It’s Valentine’s Day, you think he won’t remember, won’t call. You’ve so despondent about it, you can hardly get out of your chair.

But then he comes, your prince, carrying the biggest, most overdecorated box of candy on the planet.

In general I don’t think up little stories about the needlepoint I stitch, but this one really spoke to me.

Not because I’ve ever felt like her, but because to me the story is so startlingly clear.

And I love it.

So this is my current stitch guide and model. The original artwork for the design is by Jane Cather (her gallery at Cooper Oaks). It’s got some cool things so far, a great stitch for the chair, velvet on the candy box, and a lovely hand-dyed silk/wool blend for the dress.

But it’s going to get even better. The pillow will have real beaded fringe and an easy way to attach it. I’m going over the top with decorating the candy box. I’ve got ribbons, ribbon roses, and even possibly a beaded border to add to it.

Sh won’t be despondent for long with a gift like this!

The guide will be available later this summer directly from Cooper Oaks Design.


  1. leena says

    Lovely piece of embroidery.Was wondering if the word in the title should read PRINCE instead of PRICE.

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