Jeweled Bugs & Needlepoint

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Earlier this week Judy Harper had a marvelous post on FREEBIES, Etc! about creating your own needlepoint jeweled insect. She shows you, step by step, how to create a beetle and a ladybug.

I’m starting some of my own this weekend.

Some may think it a bit strange but I just adore bugs done in needlework. I have a ton of needlepoint bugs and butterflies painted by Mika Partridge which I stitched in the early 90’s and I still have one, a spider, in my stash. Some of her bugs were distributed by JB Needleworks and might be available from Julia’s Needleworks.

If you’re looking for realistic beetle insect canvases, there are delightful ladybugs from Amanda Lawford, DMC, and many others. Dragonflies are also popular with great ones from JP Needlepoint, Amanda Lawford, and **. As are bees, with ones by the designers mentioned as well as Birds of a Feather. Melissa Shirley has great bugs in many of her categories including some wonderful insects in her bracelets/headbands/sandal straps category.

But what if you want to do your own?

My favorite book about beetles is Living Jewels (available from Amazon). It’s a mini book with stunning pictures of beetles, all done against white backgrounds. Field Guides, such as are great because the drawings show the most important details.

There are many kinds of ladybugs and there is a fantastic photo of ladybug on Pinterest, great as inspiration.

Dragonflies are another good starting point for making a needlepoint bug. There is a magnificent book of them, A Dazzle of Dragonflies, which is simmply amazing.

But my needlepoint dream is to do a series of elaborate beetles in needlepoint with stumpwork. It’s all the fault of this Jane Nichols book. The bugs are stunning, in gorgeous colors and completely inspiring.

If you want to get started doing your own, use Judy’s wonderful instructions or start with an excellent coloring book page of a beetle, such as this one, draw it one canvas and start to stitch. I’m planning on doing several eventually. Maybe I’ll do Bargello one this week, that could be cool.

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