Join the Needlepoint Stitching Games

My canvas for stitching games 013.

My canvas for stitching games 013.

Over at Stitcherie is a clever idea for a year-long project/challenge. It’s called Stitching Games 2013.

Joining is simple:

  • Pick a canvas with at least 10 areas for techniques. It must be unstitched but it can be painted or line-drawn. It can also be your own work.
  • You must be able to post pictures of your canvas to the group.
  • Each month a clue will be randomly drawn. The last is drawn in October 2013.
  • People posting pictures each month are eligible for a door prize. Completed canvases posted in November are eligible for voting for the People’s Choice Prize.
  • Each month interpret that clue and apply that interpretation to your stitching.
  • By the end of the month, you will post a picture of what you stitched and an explanation of how you arrived at that decision (both are necessary to be eligible for that month’s prize). Please clearly label your post by month or clue.
  • Clues are posted on the 1st of each month

My canvas, an angel from Painted Pony, is posted here. Her name is Johnnie, the Great Books Angel.
Join the group to see how I interpreted January’s clue of “Shape It Up.”

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