July Reviews & Blog Changes

I know from my email how many of you rely on this blog as a source of needlepoint news, inspiration, and instruction.

I also realize that I’m not always the most organized person on the planet. My organization strategy tends to be what I call “happy anarchy,” letting things just end up where they end up.

And this blog has tended to be the same way. But, after 8 years (yes it’s been THAT long), I think both you and I deserve more order in our lives. So, I’m adding some order to the blog, so that you know when to look for particular kinds of articles.

You’ll always know that if something is timely or important I’ll break the schedule, but if you are really interested in seeing what’s new, say, you’ll know to look on Fridays.

Tuesdays-Thursdays every week you’ll find original content from me. This has been in place for quite a long time and will continue. These columns can be an eclectic mix of everything from free projects, to sneak peeks, news, or reviews.

Fridays will be new product days. Often these posts will let you know about one or more new products. Sometimes they’ll point to where you can find out more.

Saturdays will be dedicated to needlepoint ideas, techniques, and tutorials. Sometimes these posts will point to a great resource of idea from elsewhere on the web, sometimes they will be an idea from my own stitching. On Saturdays you’ll find information to make your needlepoint sing.

Sundays and Mondays will have a mix of news, inspirational sites, and whatever else comes along. I’m going to take a page from my daughter’s blog and do “Clippings” posts where serval things are put together into one post.

I’m hoping by organizing in this way, I’ll get more of the things you want on the blog and make the information easier to find.

This month, July, all Tuesday-Thursday posts are going to be reviews. Next week it’s all Blackwork books. There are magazines, more books, threads, finishing items and lots more to come during the month.


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