Knitting Yarns for Needlepoint – Reuse America Part 2

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One of my favorite parts of the TNNA show is the “Great Wall of Thread” which previews knitting yarns for the upcoming season.


Stitching with knitting yarns is one of my favorite things. The variety of knitting yarns is incredible and many of our popular needlepoint yarns use knitting yarns as their base.

While knitting yarns have an incredible variety of fibers and textures, it’s vital to remember that they are for fashion, not for heirlooms, so there aren’t as many colors, nor does the color range for a yarn remain stable.

If gray is a big color this year in fashion, expect lots of gray. When it isn’t fashionable, the selection in this color will be far less. So buy as much as you need initially.

Second, knitting yarn varies greatly in width, often inside the same skein. You can’t use an uneven yarn in needlepoint (I’ve tried). so check the yarn before buying. If it’s uneven and you still want it, you will have to couch it. Yarn is classed in broad sizes according to thickness. For me, I’ve found that sport weight yarn works well on 14 mesh, and sock weight on 18 mesh. Lace weight, which is finer than sock weight, needs to be doubled or tripled. Worsted weight, which is about the thickness of Tapestry Wool would work on 12 or 10 mesh.

The third important thing to remember is that knitting uses lots more yarn than needlepoint. We think a ten yard skein is a fair amount — that’s enough for a small sample for a knitter. Most yarns have more than 50 yards per skein and many considerably more. This makes then fantastic to use for backgrounds and borders.

Try some knitting yarns for your needlepoint.

If you want to see some samples of reusing knitting yarns in needlepoint, stop by my booth at Maker Faire in San Mateo today, I’ll be there until the show closes at 6.


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