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At TNNA, I can never wait to see what delights await at the Lani Enterprises booth. One year it was this amazing series of realistic, but so stitchable, train cars. Another year it was lovely pieces inspired by the paintings of Miro. Their inventiveness and owner Lani Silver’s stitching blows me away. I’ve always wished I had a way to share it all with you.

Lani Enterprises has a wonderful new web site which will introduce you to her wonderful designs and inventive stitching. Click on “designs” along the top and you can see her canvases arranged by category. Not only are there categories by theme, there are also ones by style, such as contemporary, or function, such as bracelets. In addition, some categories are further divided into subcategories, so I can quickly find what I want.

Clicking on one of the categories takes you to an overview page for these canvases. Click on one of those and a larger view of the canvas, along with its number, size and mesh, appears on the left side of the page. I love this because I can look through the category at my own pace without wondering what that little bit of design might be.

One of the things I love about Lani is how great a stitcher she is. Her “finished models” section showcases this with 6 sections of picture (labeled as pages) of finished stitching. The small pictures of each model tell you the name of the design and who stitched it. Click on the picture to get a pop up window with a larger image (which an be enlarged again. Some sections have a single theme, others are general and have multiple pages. All the work is inspiring.

Finally Lani has a page listing the stitch guides available. She’s so inventive, I wish there were more canvases of hers out there.


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