Learn 25 Needlepoint Stitches for Buildings

You'll learn the techniques in this class to stitch canvases like these

You’ll learn the techniques in this class to stitch canvases like these

Buildings can be so much fun to stitch because with thread and stitches you can convey so much texture.

This 25 Stitches class is going to give you great new stitches to make roofs, siding, bricks, and more. But it goes beyond to show you how to use stitches you already know to convery glass, stucco, clapboard and more.

This 3-month email class has monthly lessons in a notebook you can customize with your stitched samples to make a permanent reference. This notebook class goes beyond the usual stitch class to give you in-depth looks at:

  • creating brick patterns in needlepoint
  • analyze brick and tile patterns to translate them to needlepoint
  • principles to create building color schemes
  • using overdyed threads to advantage in stitching buildings

You’ll love this great class and you’ll be so fired up that stitching canvases with buildings will be a breeze.

The class begins February 1, 2014, so don’t delay to sign up for this exciting class here:

If you would prefer to pay by check (US Funds only), please contact me for information.


  1. […] Janet M. Perry is starting a new class soon in which she will be teaching 25 Needlepoint stitches. These stitches aren’t just any old stitches, they are ones that are suitable for use when you are stitching scenes with buildings. Just think about how many projects have buildings in them. The class is reasonably priced – it will work out to about $1 USD per stitch. To find out how to sign up, head over to Nuts About Needlepoint. […]

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