Let’s Get . . . Making Your Own Stitcher’s Magnets


I’ve become a complete convert to magnetic needle minders, also called stitcher’s magnets. Although I have some I’ve bought, my favorites are ones I’ve made myself. BUt why spend up to $20 to buy a magnet when you can so easily make ones that are unique?

You can easily adapt tutorials for making refrigerator magnets to one for stitcher’s magnets by just doing or replacing a few steps.


Here’s what you always need to do:

  • Use rare earth or ceramic magnets instead of the craft magnets you find in stores. Those magnets are not strong enough. I buy mine on eBay (search for ceramic magnets).
  • Objects that are more flat make better holders for needles because they stay on better.
  • Use super glue or ES-6000 glue and follow the directions. You need a stronger glue to keep the decorative top on when there are two magnets.
  • For each magnet you make you’ll need a non-decorated back. I put pairs of magnets with the fronts to assemble then I put the backs aside until the fronts have dried and cured.
  • Don’t use paper or cardboard for the fronts unless you cover it (with glass) or put it in or on something (a bottle cap). It isn;t sturdy enough by itself.


There are several posts on this blog about making magnets. These are:


Here are other great tutorials I’ve found around the Web. Notes and modifications are after the link.

  • Magnet Mania Tutorial – This post uses scrapbook paper and stamps to make a wonderful assortment of designs.
  • Gemstone Magnets – Raid the craft store to make these.
  • Foreign Coins – I’ve made earrings this way and charms, but isn’t this a cool idea?
  • Scrabble Tiles – The wooden tiles can be hard-to-find, But consider the many plastic tiles or typewriter keys.
  • Vintage Brooches and Pins – I also use old earrings (easier to find).
  • Pantone Chip Magnets – You could also use paint chips this way for color-coordinated magnets
  • Clock Faces – Take apart old watches and make magnets. You can also sometimes find assortments of these in craft and junk shops and sites.
  • Bottle Cap Magnets – Use vintage and new bottle caps
  • Tile Magnets – Use 1″ tiles instead of 2″ tiles and dress them up.
  • Decorative Bottle Cap Magnets – Use the inside of caps to hold paper pictures or flattened flowers. Clear resin is suggested here, but you can also seal with glossy ModPodge
  • Three Great Magnet Ideas – Lace-look, maps, and bottle cap images

If you have a great tutorial for making magnets or other stitcher’s tools, let me know in the comments. I’ve started a Pinterest board highlighting them.


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