Looking for More Needlepoint News?

Follow me on Sulia for the latest needlepoint news.

Follow me on Sulia for the latest needlepoint news.

Sulia (http://www.sulia.com) is a great new site that consolidates many different subjects into several channels. It provides news, how-tos and lots of other great contact in short articles, placed in an appealing magazine format.

Several times a day, I’ll be contributing to the crafts channel, mostly with content not found on this blog. Sulia will be a great place to check for needlepoint news.

Unlike many other sites, Sulia is designed to be current. Each item will be its own story (so no annoying long lists of links) and will be posted quickly. There will be new content added several times a day with at least 20 updates a week.

Here you’ll find lots of the great stuff I don’t post, including information about sales, contests, new shops, trunk shows, great sites, stitcher’s finishes, and all the little things that you’re seeking but can’t always find.

Up until now, I’ve been unhappy with the existing needlepoint news sources. Too often their content is old or irrelevant. By following me on Sulia you’ll always get content that’s fresh and perfect for you.

Every day I read dozens of blogs and visit sites to find you the best needlepoint content. When I do, I’ll often post it to Sulia. If you want me to follow your site or blog, just let me know. You can also subscribe me to your needlepoint newsletter as well.

If you become one of my followers, you’ll get an email automatically every time I do.

That way you don’t have to check the site, but you’ll be able to visit when it makes sense for you.

Even better because I’m part of a large family of posters on Sulia, you’ll be able to follow everything of interest to you — all in one place.

Visit Sulia now and sign on to get the most current needlepoint news.

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