Looking for Petei

As has been reported in several blogs Petei, who announced that she was retiring at the end of 2012, suddenly closed her business and cancelled all outstanding orders last week.

This puts me in a major pickle. I make ornaments for each of my children and my husband each year. These days everyone is getting a series. My husband has GailVal Navajo rugs and my son has Kathy Schenkel pirates.

My two daughters have series of Petei canvases. My oldest daughter has Peter Pan (her favorite book) and my youngest, Alice in Wonderland (started when she was small). I have been buying the canvases for awhile and making one a year.

BUt now I’m stuck, needing more for the collection, but now I can’t get them. If you have or know of someone who has any of these canvases and is willing to sell them, please, please, let me know.

Peter Pan:

343 Pocahontas
515 Wendy
517 mr smee
518 baby michael

281 white rabbit
388 court rabbit
419 Tweedledum & Tweedledee dum
387 king of hearts

other Peteis:
179 Joan of arc
491 maid marion
746 st catherine
834 grecian lady
805 mary queen of scots
842 queen mary

Thanks so much for all your help!

UPDATE: I have found Tinkerbelle, Baby Michael, and something that will work for Wendy. But please, please if you are a shop or an individual with any of the others of these please contact me. I really want to be able to finish these sets for my children.


  1. Alexandra says

    I am an individual, NOT a store. I have many of the ones you are looking for. If interested contact me. Also have lots and lots of Santas.
    Hope to hear from you.

  2. Alexandra says

    Still have many Peteis, if interested please contact me. I will not list on ebay.

  3. Sammy Rusk says

    I am looking for some canvases in the Petei nativity series:
    1) the Baby Jesus #305
    2) the Shepherd boy
    3) any of the Wise Men
    Sammy Rusk

  4. sukey says

    I have seen several petei on ebay, including Alice in Wonderland canvases and nativity pieces.

  5. Alexandra (Sanda) says

    Hi all,
    Still looking for Peteis, in general or Petei Santas? In additional to the perennial favorite Santas, I happen to have lots of others, such as Frog Santa, Marionette Santa, Circus Santa, Spool Santa, Gypsy Santa, Santa with Ornaments, Fishing Santa, Kitty Santa, Doggy Santa, Fairy Santa, Hug Me Santa, Kiss Me Santa, Pearly Whites Santa, Snowflake Santa, Italian Santa, Greek Santa just to name a few. If interested please contact me, however please follow up fast upon contact, I CAN NOT GUARANTEE AVAILABILTY, so please act fast on your reply.
    Thank you and look forward to hear from you,
    Petei Fan

  6. Sanda (Alexandra) says

    Still looking for Petei Santas? I have a few more for sale: Milk’n’Cookies, Blue Spruce Santa, La Befana (Italian Female Santa),
    If interested please get in touch with me but don’t wait long, can’t guarantee availability.
    Thank you in advance

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