Looking to Learn Needlepoint?

One of the project sin Right from the Beginning

One of the projects in Right from the Beginning

Have you or a friend been wanting to learn needlepoint?

Have you been frustrated by the high cost of books and classes?

Are you confused by the terms you hear and by the expensive advice you get?

Needlepoint should be fun. It’s easy and creative and, best of all, it can be very affordable.

With my free email beginning needlepoint course, Right from the Beginning, I’m changing that conversation. In eight lessons, you’ll learn about the tools, threads, and types of needlepoint. You’ll learn two kinds of basic Tent Stitch plus ten textured stitches and Bargello. You’ll discover easy ways to prepare your canvas, so that your needlepoint is beautiful from your very first piece.

Besides the two projects in the course itself, you’ll also learn how to pick your next project so you will have a needlepoint piece you’ll love and a hobby to enjoy throughout your life (I’ve been stitching for over 40 years so I know).

Over 2000 people have taken this class and enjoyed the great value included in this course.

You can too. Just visit this page and sign up. You’ll be emailed the complete course within 48 hours in most cases.


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