Make An Adler-Inspired Sunglass Case

Make Your Own Needlepoint Eyeglass Case

Make Your Own Needlepoint Eyeglass Case

Instead of buying one of these cases, why not make your own?

Begin by getting a Stitch & Zip glasses case with a blank front. That way you can finish it yourself quickly.

Next do a Google image search for sunglasses outline. I did that and found lots of cool shapes. Find one you are seeing from the front and save it to your computer.

Before tracing it onto the canvas, you may need to enlarge it. Once it’s the right size, upzip the case and put the outline under the bare canvas. Using a Pigma Micron pen trace the glasses frame onto the canvas. When you do this don’t forget to trace the inside of the frame so you have a place for the lens.

Using Tent Stitch and your choice of threads (the original is in wool) but I’d do a mix of threads myself, stitch the glasses.

Once the glasses are stitched stitch the background. You could do it in a single color, in horizontal rows of Continental in an overdye, or in stripes of two colors.

Once stitched, whipstitch the backing, zip, and you’re ready to go.


  1. Sherri says

    This sunglass case is very cute. You are inspiring me to want to make one, and also perhaps a cute luggage tag, to make it easier to spot my luggage in the airport. I suppose that long road trip coming up next month would be a good time to start a needlepoint project, as it seems very portable.

  2. says

    Sherri —

    You bring up a good point, the Stitch & Zip cases are great vacation needlepoint because they are small, portable & everything but the thread is there.

    Keep Stitching,

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