How to Make a Designer-Inspired Monogram Pillow

You can make a custom monogram pillow like this easily

You can make a custom monogram pillow like this easily

Don’t you just love the bold design of this monogram pillow?

I do, but even as I look at it I think that I’d like it in a different typeface and in different colors.

That’s why we make needlepoint projects, so they are exactly the way we want them to be.

It’s incredibly easy to create a monogram pillow. Here’s how:

Pick and enlarge your letter

There are so many free fonts out there, use one of these or a font on your computer to find a letter you like. Because this letter is very large (6-8 inches) you don’t have to worry about thin areas, they’ll work OK.

Make it as big as you can on your computer. Print it.

If it isn’t big enough for your project, enlarge it on a copy machine.

Pick your colors and canvas

While the inspiration pillow is black and white any color combination works here as long as there is contrast between the letter and the background.

Pick two colors you like and use your favorite thread. While the inspiration pillow is stitched in wool, you might want some texture contrast between the letter and the background.

Pick the colors that make you happy.

Because there isn’t much detail on this project, pick a larger mesh canvas. If you plan on using a decorative stitch for the background, go with 13 or 14 mesh. If you are stitching it all in Tent, you can go as large as 10 mesh with no problems.

Based on your color and canvas pick your two threads. You can use all one thread or pick two contrasting textures.

Transfer the design onto canvas

You’ll need both a fine point marker and a wide maker to do this. Both should be suitable for marking on fabric. I like Pigma microns for fine point and Copic markers for wide. I get them both at chain craft stores or art supply stores.

Put your letter under the canvas and use the fine marker to trace the outline of the letter on the canvas.

Remove the paper and color in with the wide marker.

The border is one inch wide. Decide how far you want it to be from the edges of your letter (top & bottom should be even amounts, as should right and left) and use the fine marker to draw the inner and outer edges of the border. Color it in with the wide marker. The finished size should be square.

Let dry overnight.

Pick stitches

Although the inspiration pillow is all Tent Stitch you could easily customize yours by picking different stitches for the letter , background, and border.

Once this is done, stitch your pillow.

Finish the pillow

In order to get this look, find a pillow that coordinates and is at least 1″ bigger all around than your stitched needlepoint.

Block the needlepoint if needed and cut 1/2 inch beyond the stitching. Following this tutorial for adding needlepoint to a bag, sew your needlepoint to the front of the pillow.

That’s it! You’ve made a custom monogram pillow!

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