Make Mid-century Modern Stitcher’s Magnets

Turn mid-century modern clocks into stitcher's magnets

Turn mid-century modern clocks into stitcher’s magnets

Inspired by a post on Brit + Co, you can easily turn bottle caps into mid-century modern clocks. The tutorial shows you how.

Now that you have the idea why not go one better and turn them into stitcher’s magnets.

My tests show that the magnets from the hobby store suggested in the tutorial are not strong enough. Buy a bunch of ceramic 1/2″ disk magnets (I buy mine on eBay). These hold really well, but and are thick enough for the bottle caps. They are strong but still easy to pry apart.

Often they have some rough edges. Take a rag and rub these off (they will stain the cloth, so use a rag). Rub the top and bottom edges.

Glue the ceramic magnets in instead of the hobby store magnets.

Place a second magnet, also cleaned against it.

Voila a unique stitcher’s magnet!

P.S. — If you don’t have old bottle caps sitting around your house, buy a package at a hobby store. Then proceed to spray paint them.

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