More Eight-point Star Charts

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connecticut star eight-point star needlepoint ornament

Connecticut Star variation

Yesterday’s post with the basic eight-point star pattern reminded me how much fun these patterns can be. So today I wanted to share with you some of the variations I have made.

needlepoint chart for eight point star (Connecticut Star) designed by Janet Perry

Connecticut Star (click for full size chart)

Connecticut Star has narrower points with a fun checked border. It’s a classic in red, white-and blue, but this could be fun in all kinds of combos. Why not use paint chip suggestions as a start?

needlepoint chart for eight point star (National Star) designed by Janet Perry

National Star (click for full size chart)

National Star is another eight-point star variation. In this the points are checked but and the border is solid. I’m thinking about doing one inspired by the Maryland Flag, making both points and border checked..

needlepoint eight point star chart (baby star) by Janet Perry

Baby Star (full size chart)

Baby Star is a tiny version of the star, encased in a straight stitch border. Since it’s less than 30 stitches square this would be dainty even on larger mesh canvas.

needlepoint eight point star (star of lemoyne) by Janet perry

Star of LeMoyne (click for full size chart)

Star of LeMoyne was the first eight-pointed star I stitched, back in 1979. The larger points are checked, while the smaller points are solid. It’s the one I use to test color combinations.

needlepoint eight point star (scrappy star) by Janet perry

Scrappy Star (click for full size chart)

The final pattern is a scrappy version of the star. In this one every point is done in a different thread or color. The chart is done in color so you can get a better idea of how scrappy it is.

Have fun trying threads, colors, and using your stash to make some fun, fast projects, I know I am.

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