More New Needlepoint at TNNA Winter 2013

In the Woods is a charming textured stitch piece that makes a different kind of sampler. It’s available with a stitch guide. I’m very fond of Paisleys in any form, but I just love the cool teals of Amanda Lawford’s new canvas. Speaking of Paisleys, Julie Pischke has some great small ones in bright colors. I’d love these are ornaments. Stitch-its also has a close-up paisley in orange and white.

In addition to the lovely black & white stars I wrote about earlier, Kirk & Hamilton has a lovely new series of patterned round ornaments. Although the patterns aren’t sweet florals, the soft pastels remind me of Laura Ashley colors. Associated Talents has large (14″ square) pillow canvases in the same beachy themes and colors as their new ornaments.

Shelly Tribbey has a mini sock and square of mid-century modern triangle trees. The colors in both remind me a new retro vintage items. Shelly is also getting into the stitcher’s tool arena with decorated scissors and needle minders. There is also a wonderfully complex, but easy to stitch “goodie’ Christmas tree. It has gingerbread houses and men, many Christmas cookies, cupcakes, many different candies, and even a strawberry capped with whipped cream.

The Collection’s hedgehogs canvas has a similar retro feel. dede has a wonderful wreath of autumn squashes and sunflowers. Since she lives near me and shops at the same grocery, I know these to be true to life. That grocer should put a canvas up as a display.

Painted Pony has a new series — aprons. These aprons have full skirts, lots of patterns, and bright colors. They are holiday-themed. My favorite is the Thanksgiving one which is an apron version of a pilgrim’s outfit. There are also new angel including a peacock angel, an ornament angel, one with retro Christmas trees and one I call “Old MacDonald’s Angel” with a bunch of tiny, adorable farm animals.

J. Child has some wonderful bookmarks, including one that is a birdhouse on the beach. It’s too nice to put in a book, stitch it and frame it. You could also finish it off as they did in the booth as a long skinny pillow insert. There is also a blue crab bookmark and square i’ve just got to get for my Maryland-based daughter. Rounding it off is a mini-sock with a lovely ruffly goldfish with a bunch of bubbles.

Joy Juarez, now distributed by Fleur de Paris has a wide range of classic designs. These include lovely hearts, animals, large fans that are painted diagonally on the canvas (a different look when finished). The line has detailed rounds, many of sweet wild animals that make wonderful large ornaments. She has many designs with children on them that have a sweet Victorian feel you don’t see much these days.

Julia’s has added lots of new belts, a series of canvases called “moose as rudolph,” and some lovely scenes of Jerusalem for Tallit bags. There is also a series of shoe pillows and two new nutcrackers. JP has an amzing animal skin and floral rug that’s 36″ x 48″ on 10 mesh.

Waterweave has now partnered with Colonial Needle. Their new canvas include more humorous animals, including three fishing penguins and a flag-painted bison.

I’ve written reviews about the wonderful Background Reference book from Golden Gate Needlers, but it’s always been hard to find. It is now more widely available in needlework shops.

I don’t think in the 15+ years I’ve been covering TNNA have I seen such a wonderful and creative explosion of new things. It makes me want to leave my desk & stitch.

Here’s a list of the posts I’ve written with information on new needlepoint products released in the last few weeks:


  1. Libbi Goodman says

    Thanks for the info. Do you know where I can purchase the Shelly Tribbey scissors? Not only have I not seen them anywhere, they’re not even shown on her site. Thanks!

  2. says

    I sent poking around and only found them listed at Pocket Full of Stitches. But that doesn’t mean that other shops don’t have them. Most needlepoint shops don’t put their stock on-line. You could look at Shelly’s website and contact the shops she has listed there.

    Keep Stitching,

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