More Winter 2013 TNNA News

With the show opening yesterday there’s lots of Winter 2013 TNNA News.

Lots of shops and designers have been posting updates of the great things they have released or seen, as the case may be, during yesterday’s opening market day.

Not at TNNA, but Rogue needlepoint has added cheerleaders and football players to their growing line, available at Amy’s golden Strand.

Eye Candy has more black cat canvases, besides the one I mentioned yesterday, these are pairs and trios in silhouette, designed to fit of some of the Lee bags. Associated Talents has new hearts, carrots, and Easter eggs in addition to the beachy and elf items mentioned in earlier posts.

Unique New Zealand has two new canvas in the “Keep Calm” series. They also have three new Kirk & Hamilton kits, including a great Bakelite phone. Finally they have lots of new hand-paints including New ornaments, new small designs, new belt buckles, new pillow-size designs. I love the subtle tiger-striped belt buckle in gray and white and the bright star ornament where the colors remind me of elaborate Polish Easter eggs.

A Collection of Designs has added five new crosses in gold with jewels along with a series of fleurs de lys in a similar style. I could see either of these coordinating really well with the current Blessings Club or their Faberge eggs. Speaking of those lovely and popular eggs, there are ten new ones. There are also new triangle trees, funky trees, cupcakes, candy canes, and tons of snowmen, along with new mini-socks and Halloween designs. In a new pastel color way there are hearts, lots of lovely crosses and eggs. If you are looking for larger mesh projects, there is a series of fancy ornaments on 13-mesh. There is lots to love in this collection.

In the Labors of Love Bird series there is a new seagull and a ring-necked pheasant. This collection is so large and so lovely, you could make an entire tree of their birds. Speaking of birds, Annie Lee has ravens in birdcages in a spooky color scheme with stitch guides by Cheryl Shaeffer.

Painted Pony has a new, and adorable, Halloween angel with a lovely complex skirt. Patti Mann has three adorable Baby’s First Christmas ornaments: girl, boy, and gender-neutral. Whimsey & grace has lovely new ornaments and a decorative hanger to accent them.

DJ Designs has a stunning vintage bird cage canvas. This is such a lovely piece to show of light stitching technique combined with something like padding.

Elizabeth Turner has a great new key fob kit. It has a small painted canvas and includes a leather key fob. Just insert the needlepoint into the fob when stitched. There are two shapes available and lots of designs. They lso have lots of new needle magnets.

Julia Snyder’s new book is called “Layers for Needlepoint” and covers layered stitches.

Melissa Shirley has lots of new things. It’s always hard to summarize, so here are some of my favorites. There is a California line with a basket, single squares of flowers, and several pieces that have an Arts & Crafts tile feel. I’m nuts about the 3 large Hawaiian quilt squares. They are bold but subtly shaded so they are more than just a simple translation. They are all on 13-mesh. She has a new series called Fancy Borders (there are also Christmas ones too). These decorative designs aren’t tied to a season or a particular method of finishing. They could be crackers, frame weights, ribbon candy ornaments the flap on clutches, or pillow insets. I’m sure you can think of more ways to use these great designs.

She also expands her lovely series of baskets with flowers and fruit and has a charming seasonal foursome that has each season spelled out in letters with appropriate pictures in them. There is a new series of Irish figures in her vintage kids style for St. Patrick’s Day along with a series of Easter crackers. In her licensed artists there are new designs by Debbie Mumm, Mary Lake Thompson and John Johannsen.

Melissa also has a great new series of charming chickens. Her new Christmas themes include a set of red & green ornaments, homespun, with simpler designs, and wildwood Christmas that features a snowman and Santa in very autumnal colors. To top it all off she has new ornaments in her gold and pink colorways and lots of seasonal cat painted in different patterns.

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