My Favorite Frames & Now I need More

light stretcher frame for needlepoint

Thin, portable, small, I’d like those adjectives to describe me, but they do not. They do, however, describe this needlepoint frame. It is thinner and lighter than even mini stretcher bars, so it’s perfect for the small projects I love.

It’s 1/3 inch thick and 1/2 inch wide. It came in a set of four frames in either square, shown here, or rectangular.

While it isn’t the most sturdy frame because the edges don’t interlock, I love them and use them often, as you can see.

I’d like a new set of squares and one or two sets of rectangles. But the store where I bought this set doesn’t have them and says they can’t get them.

If you have a set you’d like to sell, carry them in your shop, or know of a shop that has them, please contact me.


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