My New Arrival!

Yes, it’s finally here and you can order it from

I have a great story about this.

The downside of shopping on-line is that when something improtant comes, you think it’s just that thing your ordered. That’s what happened to me yesterday. I had too many things to do, too many people needing to be different places, and one too few cars.

So who’s left not getting lunch and waiting for forever to run errands — me!

When I got home from the non-errand running, there was a box. I thought it was one of the three books I had ordered and wondered idly where the other two were.

Imagine my surpise when I opened the box and my book fell out!

I am so excited and so happy that this dream I’ve had of being a published author has finally come true!

You can order the book from Amazon by clicking on the link above or you can get it from your favorite needlework store.


  1. Robin says

    This is a wonderful book! I liked it so much that I have re-read it two times since purchasing it. I hope Janet comes up with more tips for a sequel book!

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