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Needlepoint belt by Patti Mann

Needlepoint belt by Patti Mann

The style section of the New York Times ran an article this week about needlepoint belts. It begins by talking about the “breakup belt,” a close relative of the “breakup sweater.” You know those items you make for a significant other but you break up before the item is stitched.

Their solution is to buy an already-made belt. In the article they show off some charming belts and point you to several companies that make them. But I’d like to suggest something else. Why not stitch a belt for yourself or finish that breakup belt into something else — after all it’s your relationship too.

Navajo needlepoint belt from Julia's Needleworks

Navajo belt from Julia's Needleworks

Many fantastic companies make great needlepoint belt canvases. Two of the biggest companies for making belt canvases are Voila! and the Elizabeth Turner Collection. Elizabeth Turner has over 1000 belts in their collection, covering just about every style and subject. Many other needlepoint designers have belt collections in their line, including Colors of Praise, Patti Mann, Julia’s Needleworks, and Patti Paints. Additional designers to check out include The Point of it All, and Rosalie Peters.

You can also design your own belt, get a tartan charted for a belt, or use letters to make a monogram.

I also found a great site, Needlepoint Belts, that directs you to many sources for belts. Tomorrow look for an article about finishing a belt and other ways to use a belt canvas.



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