Needlepoint by Nanny — Stitching for a Cause

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Her flyer has a quote by Ghandi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Judy Standish has certainly taken this to heart. As Needlepoint by Nanny, she is taking her talent in needlepoint to help in the fight against diabetes.

She has been personally affected by the disease, losing an older brother to Type I Diabetes when he was in his 30’s. She also loves needlepoint and she says “Like Linus with his blanket, I’m never without a canvas.”

It was while she was stitching on vacation in Florida one year that her project began. She was stitching and many people came up to her and said that they owned needlepoint projects, they hadn’t finished (or sometimes even started) stitching.

How many of us have had the same thing happen to us?

But this lit a spark in Judy’s mind. There’s only so many canvases, “when you stitch for so many years, you run out of things to do,” she explains. She decided to combine her love of stitching with her desire to help the American Diabetes Association.

People send their unfinished needlepoint to her and she stitches it. Although you have to pay for out-of-state shipping and threads bought, in lieu of a stitching fee, you make out a check to the American Diabetes Association. There is no set amount and the check is sent to Judy to pass along.

She can estimate the amount of time it will take her to stitch and has a chart for estimating charges.

So far she has raised close to $4000 for the Association.

She has family and friends helping her to stitch, including her two daughters and granddaughter. The best way you can help is by passing the word along and by sending the work you need to have stitched.

Needlepoint by Nanny has grown to be a force for change.

You can contact Judy at jks314 @ (remove spaces).


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