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My husband is often fond of exclaiming “Isn’t the Internet wonderful?”

Now people who know my background outside of stitching would find that ironic, as I’ve been on the Internet for more than 20 years.

But, you know, he’s right, without the Internet how would we have access to all these wonderful instructional and inspirational videos about needlepoint.

I was looking through YouTube last night and here is a summary (with links) of what I’ve found.

If you’re looking to make hair, beards, or moustaches, you can’t do better than this excerpt from Amy Bunger’s how-to-videos.

Expert Village has lots of how-to-videos and there a many for beginning needlepointers. This one covers tools and materials. There are also more advanced topics, such as Setting the mood with color. These are unscripted and are probably self-filmed so that the production values are not high, terms are not explained correctly, or even used sometimes, but they are short and mostly to the point.

You may have wondered how artists get inspired to make their projects. A New York artist, Joseph Dunn, shows off how he created his illuminated manuascripts, which are a combination of needlepoint and calligraphy. There are several in this series. In addition, there is a video about his commercial designs and the NYC store Rita’s Needlepoint.

There are also videos like this one, about using a frame or stretching your canvas.

If you broaden your search to include other terms, you can learn about:
how to thread a needle
how to stitch a French Knot
a selection from British cross stitch designer, Jane Green off on stitching on paper
ow to lace the back of needlework


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