Needlepoint Japanese Landscapes

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Hasui Fuji Cherry

This Hasui print of cherry trees is just one of the lovely works covered in the new Japanese Landscapes booklet.

It’s an on-going question: How do I convey in needlepoint elements in art so they don’t look flat and dull?

The problem happens because needlepoint stitches and threads have texture, giving it a third dimension, while works of art are two-dimensional. All too often something gets lost in the translation.

This new series on Art & Needlepoint, a joint venture between The Art Needlepoint Company and Napa Needlepoint, will explore this question in volumes focusing on a subject, a genre, or even an indvidual artist. The first volume is about how to needlepoint Japanese landscapes.

Using the works of three great woodblock artists: Hiroshige, Hokusai, and Hasui, you’ll learn in this book how to stitch vegetation, skies, rocks, water, and buildings realistically. In each section several different works are used to show stitches and techniques you can use to stitch such different items as snow piled on fences or a waterfall. Not only will you see the stitches and techniques on actual needlepoint canvas, you’ll see pictures of the woodblocks and clear stitch diagrams.

The books are designed to be tools beyond just formulas to needlepoint Japanese landscapes. These are techniques you can apply to these items whenever they occur in your needlepoint, no matter the sources of the design. For example the rippled water technique could make a great background for a canvas of a fish or a mermaid. You’ll find plenty of places to use all of these techniques.

In addition to the needlepoint, you’ll learn about the art and what makes it so special. In this volume you’ll discover the things that make oriental art unique and why oriental perspective is different from European perspective, deepening your understanding of the pieces you stitch.

The books are designed for stitchers at every level with complete instructions that not only tell you how to stitch the item but why the stitches and techniques work. Few other stitch guides or needlepoint books do this. The Art & Needlepoint series is the needlepoint version of mteaching you to fish.

This volume is only $29 as a PDF or $41 printed and mailed (International postage extra). It is available for immediate delivery. Order it right now here.

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