Needlepoint Learn-a-Stitch Owl

june learn-a-stitch needlepoint owl, designed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Big eyes & bold patterns make this patchwork owl a winner

June’s Needlepoint Learn-a-Stitch Owl could be called :Black & white & red all over.” Inspiration comes in the strangest forms and this owl was inspired by a house I saw in a neighboring town.

In this owl I used:

  • DMC Color Variations pearl #5 in red
  • Pebbly Perle in red and black
  • Nordic Gold in white
  • Aurifil wool 12 weight in gray

Trace the outline of the owl onto your canvas. Remember that the owls and the tip of the top triangle are represented by dots and transfer them as well. From the middle dot, draw two diagonal lines to make the top triangle.


Stitch the triangle in the top middle in Four-way Continental, below. I used red Pebbly Perle.

Four-way Continental

Four-way Continental

Stitch the remainder of the head in Open Continental Stripe, below. I used Nordic Gold.

open continental stripe needlepoint stitch for small spaces, diagrammed by needlepoint expert janet m perry

Open Continental Stripe

Add the eyes, I used brads (I love how easy they are to use) with faceted tops.

Left Side

Stitch the left side in Cashmere Chain Link, below. I used the DMC as the main thread and Aurifil as the accent.

Cashmere Chain Link

Cashmere Chain Link

Right Side

Stitch the right side in Criss-cross Hungarian with Crosses, below. I used the two colors of Pebbly Perle.

Criss-Cross Hungarian with Crosses

Criss-Cross Hungarian with Crosses

Follow the entire series on-line:

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