Needlepoint Lust & the New Canvas

I lust. No, not in the usual way. I lust for canvases. If we’re honest with ourselves most of us do.

You know the feeling. You are in a shop or surfing the Internet. You spy a canvas out of the corner of your eye. It calls to you enticingly. You must have it. Right this minute.

That’s needlepoint lust.

If you’re like me once that divine moment happens and the canvas is yours, it gets put on the shelf. Your immediate need has been satisfied and you can go on to your next canvas. The object of your affection now sits, with plenty of company, in your stash, all but forgotten.

Until the next conquest.

I have to admit that my needlepoint wish list is pretty small. That’s because I’ve been tending to buy the objects of my desire. This is nice but it doesn’t help my stash problem much.

Instead of a wish list I’m going to share a wish fulfilled list. These are some of the things I’ve bought recently.


  1. Libbi Goodman says

    Oh, did you strike home with this one. You’re right, it’s pure lust. I recently absoutely fell in love with two canvases by Sophia; (Flying, and The African Lady, originally designed by Clarice). I finally succumbed and purchased both. And there they sit, each already mounted on a frame, but not yet started. I keep them out, so I can see them, and tell them soon, soon.

  2. Judy Hammerschmidt says

    Oh my, you were speaking directly to me! I have a “travel tree” at Christmas with ornaments from many of the countries I have visited. When I see a new one (saw one for Norway today online) I immediately think, “oh I NEED that.” But as my tree is full – so much so that we’re onto tree 2 — I have to get some control. I have 2 large boxes under my bed full of stash. One of my goals for this year is to stitch but not buy. If only I could exercise that kind of control…..

  3. Amy J says

    It took me less than 30 seconds to pick up the phone and order the canvas I am currently working on (Fire House by Robbyn’s Nest) after I saw it on a blog. Now you have me lusting after Pittsburgh from the incline. I am very much an impulse shopper who is afraid she will never find it said item again thus does not hesitate.

  4. says

    Yep, did that trying not to buy thing. It only worked for awhile. I divided my needlepoint ornaments and gave many to my kids, but I still have too many and a box of stitched but unfinished ones in the garage.

    Oh well.

    Keep Stitching,

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