Needlepoint Stitch Guides Now Available

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wicked needlepoint stitch guide by Janet Perry

Get the stitch guide for this Raymond Crawford canvas

You are probably a stitcher like while I often like the challenge of picking my own stitiches and threads, sometimes I want the relaxing pastime of stitching from a stitch guide.

melissa shirley needlepoint chocolates stitch guide by Janet Perry

Innovative and easy techniques for these popular canvases

This propelled me into writing my own stitch guides and continues to keep me designing. On the one hand I do custom stitch guides (click here to get started with one) that are comprehensive and affordable. They are customized to you and even to the shop you use. No one offers a better guide at a lower price.

tink boord-dill peach tile needlepoint stitch guide by Janet Perry

learn shading with multiple colors in this stitch guide

I have long been thinking about a way to make the guides I’ve written available to a wider audience. I hear from many of you about your frustration with the lack of guides, your desire to have some help, and your love of the canvases you find.

chinese letters needlepoint stitch guide by Janet Perry

You can use this guide to stitch any canvas in this series and make up to 8 canvases

Today I’m preannouncing my new site, Needlepoint Stitch Guides, where you will be able to buy already created guides, order custom guides, and download free stitch guides. The pictures you see throughout the article are some of the guides available.

needledeeva nativity needlepoint stitch guide by Janet Perry

Make your own needlepoint nativity with this guide

Until the site is up, email me for the list of guides. And as a special bonus to you you can get 20% off already published guides, either as PDFs or in print, and 10% off any custom guide. This offer is good through June 30, 2010, just tell me you saw it here.


  1. Louise Y. Lynch says

    are any of the completed guides for Christmas stockings? i have part of a guide that someone gave me, but is missing pages.

  2. says

    Louse —

    None of them are, but you can email me about what you need and we can see what’s possible. Maybe the Quick Stitch Help, which starts at $5 might be what you need.

    Keep Stitching,


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