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colonial williamsburg wood house

Colonial houses, especially the ones of Colonial Williamsburg, are one of my favorite things. I grew up in a neo-colonial house (it looked like Mt. Vernon). I loved Williamsburg when I went there when I was 10. One of the things I love about Annapolis is all the charming colonial houses.

I’ve been asked recently about needlepointing houses, which poses some interesting problems. As a result I’m putting together a free project on stitching houses, our new Come Stitch with Me project.

colonial williamsburg brick house

Our project will have four houses on it, all colonials. One will be brick, one stone, and two wood. hey can be stitched as a set or individually as ornaments. We’ll got through the process together, talking about threads, stitches, and techniques for stitching windows, paths, grass, and roofs.

We’ll even spend a little bit of time “decorating” the houses for the holidays.

colonial pennsylvania stone house

The class will start next Tuesday. I’m hoping to post a lesson every couple of weeks. At the end the project will be available as a free eProject to download after signing up for the mailing list.

To begin with assemble some materials for the project. You’ll need 18 mesh canvas, about 12″ square. You will also need to gather some threads. For roofs, you’ll need a matte, dark gray thread, Mandarin Floss would be good for this (M858 or M898). For glass panes, you’ll need dark gray and light blue this metallic (Kreinik #4, Treasure Braid Petite, or Sparkle Braid – Kreinik 025 & 014, Treasure Braid no gray & PB09, Sparkle Braid no gray & SK13 ). You can also use floss for this. For the frames of the windows, you’ll need white pearl cotton. For brick, pick an overdye in a brick color (Watercolours 164 or 217, Cinnabar or Chili For stone, and overdye in a stone color (Watercolours 246 or 247 – suede or dark suede, Threadworx 1118). The wood color is a bit harder, for this use floss and pick two colors you like from this Williamsburg palette. You can use threads from your stash for many of the details.


  1. BFromM says

    This is very exciting. I’ve always wanted to needlepoint my house, so I think this will give me a lot of good ideas!

    Thanks for doing this.


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