New & Now Needlepoint

With last weekend’s TNNA Show in Baltimore, shops everywhere have exciting new products available. Many needlepoint designers were at the show and I’ve already talked about some of the new products. But here are some more great things.

Brenda Sofft has redesigned her website. On it you’ll find her delightful canvases including, on the home page the delightful sugar skull cats. I particularly like the three that are less Halloweeny. Sew Much Fun has a new 3-D owl in colors like Necco wafers. They also have a new 3-D bear — Bearmitzvah. These are joined by several other new miniature 3-D figures including an amazing scarecrow.

Leigh has a great new series called Old Crow. The crows are perched amid Halloween and fall items, and are very elegant. If you want some fall items, but don’t want something obvious or cutesy, look no further. These are witty and absolutely fantastic. Sandra Arthur and Jane Wood stitched two of the models, so stitch guides for those will be coming. There’s one I just love, “Spellbound,” a crow perching on an open book.

Melissa Shirley has some wonderful new designs as well. She has a series of scarecrows that look as if they are by Debbie Mumm and, a wonderful set of six rooster rounds. There are also several new stitch guides. Zecca has a great new growth chart that is available with or without numbers. It’s pretty enough you might want to make it as a wall hanging.

Amanda Lawford has extended her line of delightful resin boxes with new colors, including a cheetah print, and a new size. She has canvases to go along with all these lovely boxes. Raymond Crawford had new Christmas Stars and candles.

Kelly Clark introduced the next in her series of crazy quilt canvases, a Christmas quilt. She also has a new booklet out about her stumpwork & needleweaving techniques that has a tutorial canvas with it. Alice Peterson has, among others, a delightful mid-century modern birds canvas, some new mini-socks and a great owl canvas.

Juila’s Needleworks has come up with some of the most inventive places to put needlepoint (limoge boxes, teacup tops, etc). Her newest is lamps that have along skinny place on the front perfect for a needlepoint canvas. They are available in black, white and a brown stain. For some of the canvases there are also matching bookends. Danji has new canvases out as well, including a ismply lovely black swan by Laurel Burch as well as a delightful Japanese kokeshi doll that would be a delightful ornament.

DebBee’s designs has a new bright and cheery charted canvas design out, Happy Hour. The colors are a happy mix of pink and yellow with accents of orange. She has also released, Red Herring, the third of her stitch variation pieces, this one based of the Herringbone Stitch. It’s in the form of a traditional band sampler.

Gloriana has a new 12-strand thread out. This finer silk is superb if you like to work on finer meshes of silk gauze. It’s a 120 denier, two-ply silk that comes in 5 yard packages. They also have three new colors in silk floss as well as three (different colors though) in Duchess Silk. Also in threads there are new colors in stranded silk and ribbons from Dinky Dyes.

Finally, I just got word of new company making silk threads — I’m off to investigate.

Are you drooling to buy and try new stuff yet? I know I am.

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