New Three-strand Wool for Needlepoint – Anahera

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New Three-ply Wool for Needlepoint

Anahera is a single-strand substitute for Persian Wool

Three-strand wool for needlepoint has been lacking in the stitcher’s world since Paternayan became unavailable. Fleur de Paris is now importing a new wool from New Zealand called Anahera.

Currently it come ins less than 40 colors. New colors have been announced that will bring that number to about 80. Most of the color families have five shades, a few with more, some with fewer. The wool is packaged in 3 ounce continuous strand hanks.

It is spun as a single-strand two-ply wool. In contrast Paternayan was packaged as a three-strand two-ply wool. However the strand width is similar and in my test needlepoint, seen here the dark blue, it behaved similarly to Paternayan (the orange.)

Although 2-ply is recommended for 13-mesh. I found the coverage to be good in both Tent and diagonal stitches. My sample wasn’t long enough to try a background, so I’m not sure if it will cover more fully than Paternayan’s thin coverage. Certainly if the thread color closely matches the canvas color the coverage will be better.

I also did not have enough to test the thread on 18 mesh, so I’m not sure if it will be too thick, although it looked thin enough to work on this mesh.

It felt softer than Paternayan but seemed about the same strength (strong). It seemed a bit smoother as well, which will make it easier for many to use.

Because Anahera is distributed by Fleur de Paris, it should be widely available.

Please note: A sample of this yarn was made available to me for testing purposes.

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