Nutty Rectangle – Free Bargello Needlepoint Pattern

nutty rectangle bargello needlepoint, designed and stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Stitch this unusual Bargello with today’s free pattern

This free Bargello Needlepoint pattern uses rectangles as its basis. Squares are far more usual in Bargello, but I love the odd shape of these rectangles, which are crazily turned on their sides. When you do this you get “not-quite diamonds.”

The pattern is made even more nutty these shapes don’t meet evenly. The rectangles in one row slightly overlap the rectangles in the rows around them.

You will need to count carefully when you stitch the outlines; there are 14 steps on the long sides and 12 steps on the short sides. Pay attention where rectangles meet, count carefully and you will be fine.

Nutty Rectangles Free Bargello Needlepoint Pattern, designed by needlepoint expert Janet M. Perry

Click for full-size chart

Stitch the outline first following the chart above (click to make it bigger). Once the outline is complete, fill in the rectangles as charted. For clarity only one of the rectangles on the chart is filled.

I used an unidentified hand-dyed pearl cotton for the outlines and center of the rectangle. My other colors, all High Cotton, were taken from it. I used Primrose (924) as the light pink, Status (923) as the dark pink, and Lavender (311) as the violet.

Begin by tracing a 5.25 x 3.25 inch rectangle on your canvas (I used Kreinik silk gauze in 18-count for mine). Let dry overnight. Beginning someplace in the middle of the area start to stitch your outlines. Because the rectangles are tilted and overlap, they will not fit evenly in the space.

When finished, follow the instructions to insert this in the ebook cover.


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