Old Map Magnets

Make your own magnets from maps!

Make your own magnets from maps!

Looking for unique ideas you can make yourself as Stitcher’s Magnets?

Why not try this great idea from How about Orange to use old maps (road maps or atlases) to make magnets?

This way you can make a magnet to commemorate special places.

I keep thinking of other great ideas to use as magnets — color photocopies of great design or of your stitching, old pictures, your kids’ drawings, illustrations from vintage books . . .

Remember that virtually all these tutorials are for refrigerator magnets. You’ll have the best luck if you use magnets at least 3/8″ around and not really thin. You will also need a pair of magnets.

If you have small children and grandchildren you’d like to have involved in your needlework getting their help in making these would be a fun project.

Look for a round-up of magnet tutorials from this blog and elsewhere on Monday.

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