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Although the studio is in temporary mode, I am making progress.

It was supposed to be the dining room and so it is adored with a HUGE chandelier (4 feet tall) in the center. It’s so low that the room has two tall cardboard boxes under it so I don’t bump into it (and I’m only 5’2″).

I’m working on a folding table because this is the only corner where my wireless device can pick up the router signal and I can’t move my desk yet.

The carpet pile is too thick to make it easy to move bins, BUT . . .

Progress is being made.
I have the WIPs arranged in baskets, the color cards back in their bins and all threads sorted nicely.

I was reading an article in Shop Smart (a Consumer’s Report magazine) about organizing and not spending much money and I wanted to share some ideas with you.

No matter how you choose to do it, organizing your threads, projects, and tools makes a big difference in how you can manage your work. To do this you will need containers.

You may have many of the tools you need there at home or you can buy then at thrift stores and dollar stores.

Keep shoe boxes and cover them with wrapping paper to make pretty storage.

Buy baskets and bins inexpensively at thrift shops (I always do this and have found some great stuff).

Do you have and old sewing basket or an empty desk drawer? Use it to store your stitching tools.

Use a small wastebasket to hold stretcher bars.

Use underbed storage containers if you have them to store canvas and other flat things.

I put my smaller unstitched canvas in a summer tote bag with a needlepoint project glued one it under the desk. It’s keeping the canvases straight, it looks pretty, and it is easy to go through to find something new to make.

Can you get wooden cigar boxes? Many of them don’t have dividers and are great storage for threads where you don’t have much.

One thing you should do is find a container to hold thread needing to be put away. When you’re done with a thread, put it in there. When my stash was all over the place, I didn’t put things away and needed tote bags to hold the stuff. Now that I’m organized I have a small basket and empty it at least once a week. I’m not buying duplicate threads anymore.

One thing I need to do is make new labels for everything and get up some sort of bulletin board. The lack of things to look at is making me crazy. Maybe next week.

I do, however, still have that thread stash problem. There’s no way I can stitch fast enough to get rid of it all, but I’m trying. This week I couldn’t get the drawer of Kreinik #12 open, it was too full. so now I’m going to try to start a scrap bag project with mostly metallics to work on that pile.


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    Good ideas all, especially the one about the finished-threads-needing-to-be-put-away holder. I am going to start that IMMEDIATELY. I spend a little more money on storage though, since I find that I have to have see through boxes for storage. Even with labels, if I can’t see what is in the box, I tend to forget it. What I do need is a box for tools I hardly every use, like stamping kits.

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    Great idea about keeping a finished threads container. Mine are all over the place.

    I’ve bought some great baskets at thrift shops too. It’s amazing what good quality baskets you can pick up for almost nothing.


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