Orna’s Needlepoint Jewelry on the Runway for Spring 2013

donna karan outfit accessorized with needlepoint jewelry designed by orna willis and available as kits

You can make this same needlepoint necklace now.

Get a jump on fashionable dressing for Spring. Orna’s needlepoint jewelry graced several outfits on runway collection for spring 2013 from Donna Karan and others. The picture here is just one of the outfits accessorized with here necklaces, brooches, and bracelets. There’s lots more on Orna’s recent blog post.

The folks watching the show may think the pieces will be out about the same time as the clothes, but we know a secret.

You can buy kits for these same pieces in Orna’s Etsy shop right now.

Make them and have them ready to wear for spring.

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