Learn a New Kind of Blackwork with this Month’s Owl – Part 1

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Sashiko, a kind of Japanese quilting, is the source of the Blackwork patterns in this month’s needlepoint Learn-a-Stitch Owl. That makes him a double whammy; with both a new technique, Blackwork, and a new source of patterns. Today we’ll talk about the techniques and tomorrow we’ll have the instructions. What Is Sashiko? This form of [...]

What Can I Do with a Plaid?

adrian's birthday plaid finished as a boxtop

Originally posted 2010-06-12 07:43:50. Republished by Blog Post Promoter One of the biggest challenges in needlepoint is the question of what do do with the finished stitching. While the stitching is the joy, sometimes it’s discouraging to look at the huge pile of needlepoint left stitched but waiting to be turned into something and loved. [...]