Stitch a Masterpiece in Art Needlepoint’s Upcoming Group Project

Benediction is my new group project.  Join today to stitch a masterpiece. (canvas from Art Needlepoint)

Isn’t this canvas glorious? The picture doesn’t do it justice. I’m so excited to be leading it as Art Needlepoint’s first group project. As you can see, Benediction by Diane Bersea, is a riot of color, especially with that glorious sky. The project will explore how, by adding your stitching, you can create a masterpiece [...]

What Is Berlin Work?

berlin work needlepoint men's slippers from 1855

Originally posted 2010-08-11 07:29:37. Republished by Blog Post Promoter In the free patterns showcased this month, we have Star’s small motif cushion based on Victorian Berlinwork patterns. Berlinwork-style needlepoint remains popular today. It’s best known in the form of kits from Elizabeth Bradley. Many pre-worked needlepoint design, especially florals, hearken back to Berlin Work. In [...]

Glorious Beaded and Stitched Jewelry in Upcoming Workshop

copyright Aimee Sweet-Macnamara

Soutache is the name of CyberPointers’ upcoming workshop with Amee Sweet-MacNamara. In it you’ll bead and stitch this lovely set that can be either a necklace or a necklace and earrings. On the page for the workshop, Amee says, “In comparison to time-honored crafts like knitting and crochet, “Soutache & Bead Embroidery,” which has only [...]

Thread Blending Tutorial

Originally posted 2009-08-23 06:51:28. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Jenny Hart, of Sublime Stitching, has a new book coming out and in preparation for it has a tutorial about blending two colors of floss at her publisher’s site. The technique, needle blending, is useful for shading, when you can’t find the right shade or just [...]