Vintage Needlepoint Book: Celebrity Needlepoint

celebrity needlepoint book

If you are a budget-minded stitcher looking for cheap inspiration, go seek out your local thrift shop, library sale, or used bookstore. Because needlepoint was so popular in the 1970’s, there are tons of great needlepoint books out there to be found cheap. Celebrity Needlepoint is one of my favorites for inspiration. It has stories […]

Substitutions in the Abstract Needlepoint

abstract cross stitch done as needlepoint, showing color substitutions

Originally posted 2009-07-14 06:50:22. Republished by Blog Post Promoter If you want to make a Scrap Bag Needlepoint from your stash and want it to have a coordinated look, there’s nothing better than pulling out all your threads in a particular color scheme. That’s what I chose to do for my version of the delightful […]

The Left-Hander’s Embroiderer’s Companion – book review

Yvette Stanton, Vetty Creations, 2010 ISBN 978-0-9757677-3-3 Like the author, I’m left-handed and a stitcher. And, no doubt like the author, I’ve struggled to learn stitches when the diagrams seemed wrong. And, like many other embroiderers who are also lefties, I’ve longed for a book like this. Written to cover all kinds of embroidery, both […]

Pod Post Twinchy

Originally posted 2009-01-17 18:36:05. Republished by Blog Post Promoter John Young created this Pod Post Twinchy himself, using what he calls the “bottom up” method of turning pictures into needlepoint. Here’s how he describes the process: ” I prefer going the “bottom up” way, using a pixel-art program like Pixen (for the mac) or GraphicsGale […]