How Complete Is Your Coverage?

Originally posted 2012-05-22 07:13:04. Republished by Blog Post Promoter In this incredibly detailed post from Joni Stevenson, she looks at the question of coverage when it comes to stitches such as Cross Stitch. I know for myself that I find stitches with incomplete coverage very frustrating. And I’ve done various things to try to correct [...]

Shading a Face in Needlepoint, Part 3

canvas from Art Needlepoint

In our three-part series on shading a face in needlepoint, we’ve organized our threads and analyzed the canvas (read it here), and we’ve learned how to do basic and complex needleblending (read it here). Today we will finish up by discussing the process to stitch the face. Remember that each canvas is very different, so [...]

Shading a Face, Part 2

canvas from Art Needlepoint

Yesterday we covered the preliminary steps to take to make shading a face with realistically. Today we will cover the technique, needleblending, needed to stitch the face. Needleblending The definition of needleblending is very simple. Two or more colors of stranded threads are put together in the same needle. This creates intermediate shades. These may [...]