It’s so Nice when the Prince Remembers

It's so Nice when the Price Remembers

Originally posted 2008-05-22 06:07:59. Republished by Blog Post Promoter It’s Valentine’s Day, you think he won’t remember, won’t call. You’ve so despondent about it, you can hardly get out of your chair. But then he comes, your prince, carrying the biggest, most overdecorated box of candy on the planet. In general I don’t think up [...]

Do You Want to Learn Needlepoint – Here’s Help

beginning needlepoint canvas of cat. stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

These days, as some have pointed out, the emphasis seems to be on elaborate needlepoint. Stuff that has many stitches, many threads, fancy finishing, and difficult techniques. If you are a beginner you think there isn’t anything out there for you. That no one cares if you want to learn needlepoint. Or if you succeed [...]