My Favorite Quote

“All things work for the good of those who love God.” In college my roommate described me as a duck, looking graceful from the top but paddling madly underneath. It’s true, I work hard to make my life appear effortless. But the reality is something much different for me, as it probably is for you. […]

Daphne Goodyear – An Amazing Stitcher

Originally posted 2008-07-17 08:04:16. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I just learned about and looked at Daphne Goodyear’s wonderful needlepoint in her Guest Gallery at Stitch Amaze, one of my absolute favorite needlepoint sites. I’m blown away by her stitching. Go through the gallery and be delighted by the wit of her Wild Women in […]

Koigu Now Available for Needlepoint

needlepoints hearts by dede stitched with koigu yarns

Koigu is an amazing yarn. Sock weight and hand-dyed in Canada, it’s about the the only yarn I take up knitting again to use. The colors are amazing. Single-color or multi-color blends have the most lovely combinations. Even the solid colors have wonderful depth. It’s also amazing for needlepoint on 13- and 14-mesh canvases. The […]

How Needlepoint Floats my Boat

Today we are supposed to tell our favorite craft and explain why it floats our boats. It should come as no surprise that needlepoint floats my boat. I loved it from the moment I took my first stitch. The bigger question is why. Needlepoint is so many things to me as it is to other […]

Finishing Idea — Square Pincushion

square pincushion

Originally posted 2009-02-15 06:16:45. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Do you have some square pieces of needlepoint hanging around stitched but unfinished? Take a look at this slideshow tutorial for making a square pincushion. She uses an embroidered piece of linen, but you could do this with needlepoint if you folded under the edges. My […]