Needlepoint Eye Candy in this Shop’s Gallery

I am in thrall with the gallery from Charleston’s It’s a Stitch needlepoint & knitting shop. Instead of working, I sat there enchanted with all the wonderful stitching there. Seeing as needlepoint shows are few and far between on-line slide shows like this are a wonderful way to see great needlepoint. As I looked through [...]

New Series in Leigh’s Dynasty Ornaments

british dynasty hand painted canvas needlepoint from Leigh Designs

Originally posted 2010-03-07 07:44:47. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Leigh has just brought out a new group in their popular “dynasty” series — British Dynasty. Three of the designs from the group are pictured. Each dynasty series calls on the decorative tradition of that country and this one is no exception. Her you find the [...]

Handling Thread Shadows

The problem with essentially teaching yourself needlepoint is that you make lots and lots of mistakes. In my early pieces, I ended my threads along diagonals (making ridges), had uneven tension, and passed threads behind lighter colors or open canvas. Some things, such as uneven tension, improve with practice. Some things, such as ending threads [...]