Contest to Improve your Creative Business

Sometimes I feel that as a needlepoint person I’m out of step with the world. What is my business most like? I’m not a shop, so retail isn;t me. I’m not a crafter, making stiff & selling it, so much of that world doesn’t work. Stuff for non-creative businesses usually seems irrelevant as well. The […]

Melissa Shirley Needlepoint for St. Valentine’s Day

=melissa shirley needlepoint heart

Popular needlepoint designer Melissa Shirley has just posted pictures of her new St. Valentine’s Day canvases. They include a set of crackers, lovely hearts large and small, St. Valentine’s round ornaments (I love these), and a charming house. Check them out at:

Compensating Cross Stitches

Lear how to compensate more than just Cross Stitches in Joni's wonderful post. (copyright Joni Stevenson)

Compensation in needlepoint confuses many stitchers. Compensating Cross Stitches can be even more confusing. Joni Stevenson, in her wonderful blog, has started a series on compensating Cross Stitches of various kinds. The first one covers basic Cross Stitch. It shows you, with great close-ups such as the one pictured here, how different methods can affect […]

Hurray for Hearts – Needlepoint Stitch Sampler eBook Now Available!

heart needlepoint stitch sampler, designed by Janet Perry in  purple

Originally posted 2009-09-22 07:43:33. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Looking for a way to learn some new stitches and to use up threads from your stash? My new ebook, Heart Sampler, is now available here and in my ebook store. Throughout the article you will see three of the hearts I’ve stitched using this plan. […]

How Do You Stitch Small Canvases?

Although I prefer small canvases, it seems that lately I’ve been stitching canvases with very small margins. Since I put them on stretcher bars, I find that I’m struggling to begin and end threads. Sometimes I have trouble pulling needles through. I’ve even had to remove thumbtacks to stitch an area. I’d love to get […]