Clippings – Holiday Weekend Edition

Considering we went to friends on Thursday, so I didn’t have to cook, and that we didn’t go shopping, I’ve been pooped since Friday afternoon. I’m figuring it’s been all the household chores and organizing my DH and I did all week. So today I have a clippings post with an assortment of intriguing and [...]

Needlepoint Eye Candy Bonanza

Daphne Goodyear is both an amazing and prolific needlepointer. Far better than lazy and cheap people like me who have most of our stitching sitting in boxes waiting to be finished. I just spent a long time on her wonderful site, Needle Artistry (UPDATE: Link added), exploring her work, reading her story, and admiring the [...]

Virtual Show – Woodlawn in Pictures

Originally posted 2010-03-18 07:34:46. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Each March Woodlawn Plantation near Washington DC host one of the most highly regarded needlework shows in the country. Put on by a group called Nelly’s Needlers, this show has been held annually for almost 50 years. I am always slightly jealous that I can never [...]

DIY Needlepoint – Adler-inspired Bargello


When I saw these charming Jonathon-Adler needlepointed flask in the December Allure, I know I had to use it as the basis of Bargello. Not only do I love the colors and it’s masculine feel, but I can’t afford the $98 price tag. So bargello it is, and I’ve put the pattern below (click picture [...]

More Eye Candy


You may think when you see something in color that it is actually printed or displayed in the color it is. But actually most printed and displayed things are created by using mixtures of just four colors. While you might not think about it, you actually know this; it’s why you only buy three colored [...]